TV commercial

In March I shot with the Red One, my first TV commercial.
The marketing's head of the product wanted basic beauty shots on green-screen for the commercial. I propose to the director Waheed KHAN to shot with a little beat character to structure the body with light.

I work only with diffuse source with Fresnel tungsten with chimera.
With the Red One I work at with Zeiss lenses at 5.6 stop with Soft FX filters.

I make a variable fill light to make the opening shot of the commercial and have on the first frame of the commercial a very contrast light before a very pure light.

For some picture I used a wall-o-lite put on the floor to make a diffuse back-light with a 1/4 CTB for details of the body.

Tommorow I will meet the colorist with the director to make the last step of post-production of the commercial.
I will share the commercial when it's done.


"Geek's" - Pilot TV

This winter, I shot a pilot TV directed by Arnaud TABARLY and Hervé GRAZZINI.
When Arnaud and Hervé talked to me about this series, I was very exiting because it is between "Spaced" with Simon PEGG and "The IT crowd".

Poster teaser of "Geek's" - Directed by Arnaud TABARLY & hervé GRAZZINI

For the pilot we didn't have a big budget so we found some ideas to illuminate this series with cheaps solutions.
The two flatmates had their own world in the same flat.

One of the bedrooms was in the dark, shutters closed. The room was only lighted by the computer screen as if the character eaten the light computer. So I used just a Litepanel with a very light white diffusion.

The effect was perfect and the installation was very easy.

The second bedroom was in a half-light. A ray of sunlight illuminated the door to make a less stuffy atmosphere than the other bedroom.

The living room was illuminated by a front sunlight. I put some shadows to break the front light effect and to keep contrast.

For the scene of the party, I used a top light to illuminate only the characters and not the wall of the living room.

I make a little blue spot in the background to give a chromatic contrast and to breathe the picture.

The pictures are screenshots from the rushs. So they will be colorate after the editing.


"At random" - Short

In december, I worked again with plaisure with Chloé MICOUT, a french commercial director.
I wanted to test the Canon 5D MARK II on a little fiction, and this shooting was perfect. A poetic story with no talks.

We had to catch the caracters sensivity with a minimum shots. Lots of shots without motion, and some shoulder camera.
We shot on location in four sets for one day. The first location was a little bedroom. Chloé wanted a romantique picture with a pure light.

With my gaffer Jocelin DELAS, we make a light between a sunrise and sunset to reflect the ambiguity of the scene.

We use a HMI 575W with white diffusion to make the key-light, and two kinoflow to light some object. I like this exercise, because make a natural effect light is never easy and we work with subtlety.

We shot the rest of the day in external.

The second set was a market in Paris. During the pre-production, we choosen with Chloé the best place to shot the action. I wanted the actor was under the roof of commercial stand to control the light on actors faces.

I use a litepanel with half CTO to control the contrast on the face.

The last set was a street in Paris. I wait this part of the day with impatience because I don't know the capacity of Canon 5D MARK II on the night fiction.

I prefered to underexpose a little bit that to have noise in the low-light. So I shot at 600ISO and T2.8 with Canon lens.

I use just a HMI 400W with PanCake to illuminate the scene. We can shot on this street only fifty minutes because of light's battery, but with the light configuration we make all the shots.

In conclusion the Canon 5D MARK II make a particular picture. I think it is a good tool to shoot in very little set, or in difficult shooting situation.
For the moment I like the picture of Canon 5D MARK II. Maybe not enough organic in my opinion.
I wait my next project with Canon 5D MARK II, a fake-commercial very smart...


CANON EOS 5D MARK II - First shooting

In November, with Romain BASSET (director of "Rémy" and "Light drowning"), we went to Beaujolais's country with Quentin LECOMTE, a photographer.

During two days we shot and test some optical effects with the Canon 5D MARK II.
Before the shooting, we came to an agreement : Open our eyes and be free.

We walked in the country and shot stop motion with cloud, close-up on raindrop, blur filters on lens, play with sun flare and artificial flare, and shooting during the night.

We shot some people and portrait of nature.

It was a very good travel, very interesting and pleasant. I meet the Canon 5D MARK II next month to shot a short with Chloé MICOUT and a TVset.


RISE - Puma commercial

The new commercial for PUMA is release.

Click on picture to see the video in HD

Agency : Advisa
Production : Digital-Diesel
Director : Jean-Luc HERBULOT
Director of photography : Vincent VIEILLARD-BARON


Some news before the end of 2009...

Before the end of the year, I give you some news about my work and some release of shorts, commercials, TV Fiction and music video.

- A new PUMA commercial directed by Jean-Luc HERBULOT and produce by Digital-Diesel, is in coloring and release in the begin of 2010 - HDcam
- Two pilots films of the series "GEEK'S" directed by Arnaud TABARLY and Hervé GRAZZINI are in post production, and release in 2010 January - HDcam 2x6'
- The short Anrtefacts directed by Patrick O'BLIN is in sound design and post-synchronization before coloring - HDcam
- The short "My death of me" directed by mathieu MAZZONI and produce by KREMLIN Productions is in coloring and release in the begin of 2010 - REDone
- A commercial for TATI directed by Samir HAMICHE and produce by FULLSIX - HDcam 6x30"

- A TV pilot directed by Chloé MICOUT and produce by PORTE-K is on editing - Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II
- A new commercial directed by Romain BASSET and produce by B-live FILMS is in post-production - Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II
- A short directed Chloé MICOUT and produce by La Petite is on editing - Canon 5D Mark II

- A pilot film directed by Waheed KHAN and produce by ANKII Production - Shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II
- A TV pilot directed by Béryl COUTAT and produce by Cinesquad.

Some pictures to wait the end of the civilization

The short ANRTEFACTS directed by Patrick O'BLIN and produce by Les Films d'Arthyane is on post-production.
Before the TEASER of the short, some coloring screenshots ...


"Opium of the people" - MUSIC VIDEO

"Opium of the people" is a music video directed by Yann DANH.
We shot during a half day in a small garage with a Red One and a Optimo 15-40mm, a Zeiss G.O. 50mm and 85mm lens.
I make a very simply light to concentrate on the differents shots and to work speedly, that's why I make the key-light whith a 2KW open face through the window, and two 500W fresnels indoor to illuminate some details.
So...let's go !



Before the last music video directed by Yann DANH release, you can watch the teaser (in HD on youtube ! )

Production : Digital-diesel
Director : Yann DANH
Cinematographer : Vincent VIEILLARD-BARON
Artist : CHAAD


Nostalgic hollidays - SHORT

This summer I went to Saint-Quentin to shoot a short fiction directed by my friend Félix LETOT. Saint-Quentin is the town where I studies the base of the lighting technicals. So I met again my school friends to shoot a pilot film called "Painful will be the desert" under the Picardie's sun.
The teaser coming soon ...


La Perla - Charme - COMMERCIAL (fake)

Director : Renaud QUILICHINI
Producer : AS&M
Casting : Linda TULOUP, Benjamin MASSON


Commercial RED ONE

Recently, I shot for the first time a commercial with the redone, which was directed by Renaud QUILICHINI. It was my first "beauty shots".
In the morning we have shot in external on trocadero to finish in a little flat in the afternoon.

At five o'clock Emmanuel CAMBIER, the first assistant camera, checked the RED ONE but he wasn't affraid of the cold temperature to shoot the sunup.

The shots in the flat were romantic flash-back. With Renaud, we wanted to shoot in an intimist place to capture every feelings with a certain natural.
The commercial is in post-production.

Some screenshots after PRE-color-correction.


New music video on REDone

This sunday I shot a music video directed by my friend Yann DANH, and produced by Digital-Diesel. My first music video with REDone and three lights
Some screenshos to be patient...


Anrtefacts - SHORT

In february, I shot during one week, a medieval's short fantasy directed by Patrick O'BLIN, and produced by "Les films d'Arthyane".

The director, wanted to shoot a dark story with a contrast and coloured picture. When I met him, he told me "I want cold nights, and a hot candlelight interior". I answered what I had some difficulty to shot a picture with no color and no contrast! I was free to give a special picture to get spectator into the story.

For this shooting, I called my gaffer Josselin DELAS to form two electrics crews. The first one at the face, and the second to pre-light the tavern.
For the tavern's set, I had to light with no lighting on the floor, because we had a lot of shots around the actors.

The difficulty had to simulate a tavern lighted by candlelights, with no light on the table level. So I gave a general top fill very soft, and some details lighted with ponctuals lights. For the key, I played with candels on the table.

For the night, a Arri Daylight 12KW for the back light, and smoke to make an oppressive and strange forest. I played also with anti-solar light for the back on actor to affect the spectator.